The About me, what this blog is about, how I got here and what is to come

Hello there! I’m starting this blog because I want to share what I’ve accomplished in terms of living a healthier lifestyle. I’ll start with a little about me. My name is Paul, I’m 25 and live in a suburb of a big city somewhere in Ohio. I’ve always been on the lightweight side my entire life. Up until two years ago I weighed less then 160 pounds at 5’9. In no way am I a large person. I’ve been in OK shape leading up to the first time I started working out, but wouldn’t be able to run a mile. Around 2009 to 2011 I fell into depression. The whole should I live or not type of depression. Work was stressful and I disliked it greatly, and being a full time student did not help. I was never that outgoing, had few friends but those friends are close ones. Staying up late one night watching TV and Insanity pops up. I knew about P90x before and tried it but it was not my thing. Seeing Insanity I knew I wanted to try it. Not just try it, complete it. I knew very little of the program prior to starting the workout. So that Spring of 2011 I obtained the program and set a goal for myself. I was going to complete this monster. I think the thing that kept me at it was Shaun T. Whatever opinion others may have about him are yours, but for me, he kept me going. The first workout I felt like I was dying, I could barely get through the warm up without stopping, let alone the next ~40 minutes of cardio. He was amazing at motivating and keeping me going as well as the rest of the crew. The first week I could barely move my body it ached. But I hit play and moved forward anyways. The second week went down and my body was recovering from the aching pain. Not only that, but I started to feel better. That depressive state I was in for around a year started to fade. I started to feel good. I did quit my job in retail, but went to school still full time in the summer. The first month of Insanity went down, the recovery week and into month two, which almost killed me again! The same aches came and went, but my mind kept telling me to push, to stay in it, just like the crazy man Shaun T says. I completed the second month and felt amazing. Going later into the summer I kept at it here and there, the depressive state never really returned. This went on for a few years, on and off workouts, from Insanity to the Asylum, running and what not, up into January of 2015. Insanity Max 30. That is what I’m on now. I completed the first two months, and doing another round of it now. I’m actually trying to eat healthier now, where up until now i just ate whatever I felt like. I never achieved amazing results physically. My legs got a lot muscular yes, but that was basically it. I’m trying to cut out the unhealthy, eating more fruit and vegetables, more lean meats like fish and chicken. I’m seeing more improvement in achieving physical results now that I’ve changed my diet, putting on more muscle and becoming more lean. So even though I may not see anything physically happen, mentally I feel amazing. The depression really is no more. I’ve moved out of my parents after gaining a good, stable job. I live with my girlfriend of two years. I have to give it to Shaun and that program, without it I just might be in the same place I was 4 to 5 years ago. I have him to thank. I still might be the same, not outgoing person, but I feel amazing. I’ve put on weight since Max 30, weight 170. That is where I stand today, and hopefully where I’m headed. I hope you stay in this with me, and maybe change your life like mine.



It’s amazing how fragile life is, and no one thinks of it until it’s too late. Seeing people that are around your age go is very strange. I might be 26 but death could still be there around the corner. It starts to make you rethink what you would do differently. What you should do now.

Workout progress is going well, I have lats now which are visible. Doing Cize and body beast together takes a toll though but its fun as hell.

New career?

I’ve been thinking the last week or so. My job is OK… I don’t necessarily make that great of money, but it’s not terrible either. However, I’m trying to move up into a better path then the one I’m at which would be a lot better. If I don’t get there though, what do I do then?

I don’t want to stay where I’m at. There’s such little room for movement. So what do I do? Do I go back to college in a different field, such as IT or some kind of tech field? How much would that put me into debt? I’m already over 30k in college debt in a field with little movement, and on top of that I didn’t need a degree in the first place for it. So do I go back and get put in 30k more debt? It’s frustrating to say the least.

Two weeks off, now back in it

I took two weeks off, I was really tired for some reason and slept a lot. I ate horrible as well, but it’s alright, because today I started Body Beast.

I’m taking a step in a different direction from the Insanity workouts, even though Asylum was great, I want to put on the muscle.

So out came the weights, I should probably buy a bench and maybe some lighter and heavier weights than what I currently have now (20, 25 and 30). However, the workout was a good change, and was still hard to do even though I wasn’t laying on the floor trying to catch my breath.

I’m looking forward to this and what it could bring. I may take some before pictures soon, we shall see! I’m also back on the diet.

Have a good Monday!

The new year

The time is here once again, those new year resolutions. The holidays are behind us and I’ve ate my fair share of cake, cookies and pizza.

Throughout it all though I kept working out, but lacked on posts here. That is what I want to improve on, try and post at least once a day for the new year.

The workouts have been going great, I got the abs I want, and the meal plan is going well besides the junk eating. I hope to keep this up throughout the year as best as I can.  I’ve upped my weight in the workouts and it is showing.

Let’s see what happens.

Be safe everyone.


Yesterday was good, but I think I may have done something wrong at work, and will get written up for it.

It’s weighing on me now, I’ll have to go in and see what everyone else says.

Workout was good, it will be a rest day today. I’m getting sick of green beans, but found that broccoli is surprisingly good. Going to play with the dog before work today.




Today has been strange. My ex texts me since she hasn’t heard from me in a while, but I thought that was part of the breakup? Well she came over to see the dog while I was at work which I said was fine, and she ended up doing my dishes which was nice. But it still doesn’t mean I understand any of it.

Work was stressful. I’m also considering seeing someone about my depression, but somewhat scared since I don’t know where to go or if it will help. I’m still getting upset and angry, which I want to start to eliminate.

But a workout tomorrow, Asylum v 2 championship, it will be tough, but I’ll get through it.