Hello Everyone

Got home from the mini vacation last night. Visited Niagara falls which was amazing. My first time. We spent about 4 hours walking/hiking around the falls and the park. Only visited the American side since I don’t have a passport. It was a little cold because of the wind on Tuesday, but it was still great. We stayed the day at the Seneca which was nice, didn’t gamble though. Nor did I eat healthy. But im fine with that.

On Wednesday we went shopping at an outlet mall pretty close to Niagara. I picked up some Reebok shoes for cross training which are pretty nice. Spent a few hours there then we left and got to one of the girlfriends mentors house which we stayed at for two days. They were really nice and it was great staying with them. There cat is pretty cool too. The girlfriend and I toured around the town she grew up in which is Penfield. We went to a Wegmans which was a first for me (It’s pretty big), ate at Marks Pizza which was delicious, stopped at a starbucks a couple times.

On Thursday we went to the Lilac Festival in Rochester with her mother. We spent a long time there. We saw all the venders, and walked the park with all the lilac trees and flowers. It was a nice experience there and I’m glad we went even though I got a sunburn. Once we left there we went to another mall nearby and spent the rest of the day. It was a really great mall. I got some pistachio frappachino thing that one of the coffee shops was selling and it was amazing! Girlfriend got an Iphone and we headed off to her aunts house.

I met her aunt which was like the aunt in your typical asian’y film. Very talkative and outgoing. Spent about two hours there and we hit up Sal’s Birdland for some quick dinner. It was pretty good but not quiet enough food for me.

On Friday I met another mentor of hers which is a radio dj in rochester. It was great meeting him and eating luch with him at Tom Wahls, which again was great and unhealthy. We soon left and headed back to Ohio which is where we are now.

Hopefully I can get back into the workout swing in the next day or so, though we are moving next Saturday. We shall see how that goes.


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