Two weeks off, now back in it

I took two weeks off, I was really tired for some reason and slept a lot. I ate horrible as well, but it’s alright, because today I started Body Beast.

I’m taking a step in a different direction from the Insanity workouts, even though Asylum was great, I want to put on the muscle.

So out came the weights, I should probably buy a bench and maybe some lighter and heavier weights than what I currently have now (20, 25 and 30). However, the workout was a good change, and was still hard to do even though I wasn’t laying on the floor trying to catch my breath.

I’m looking forward to this and what it could bring. I may take some before pictures soon, we shall see! I’m also back on the diet.

Have a good Monday!

The new year

The time is here once again, those new year resolutions. The holidays are behind us and I’ve ate my fair share of cake, cookies and pizza.

Throughout it all though I kept working out, but lacked on posts here. That is what I want to improve on, try and post at least once a day for the new year.

The workouts have been going great, I got the abs I want, and the meal plan is going well besides the junk eating. I hope to keep this up throughout the year as best as I can.  I’ve upped my weight in the workouts and it is showing.

Let’s see what happens.

Be safe everyone.


Today has been strange. My ex texts me since she hasn’t heard from me in a while, but I thought that was part of the breakup? Well she came over to see the dog while I was at work which I said was fine, and she ended up doing my dishes which was nice. But it still doesn’t mean I understand any of it.

Work was stressful. I’m also considering seeing someone about my depression, but somewhat scared since I don’t know where to go or if it will help. I’m still getting upset and angry, which I want to start to eliminate.

But a workout tomorrow, Asylum v 2 championship, it will be tough, but I’ll get through it.

Still depressed

I’m still depressed. It’s hard to hide it from others. It’s affecting me at work, and at home. I feel like I don’t deserve my dog, or the things I have. I want to move on, but it’s hard as hell too. I know it will get better, but right now, its sorrow.

The workouts are going well, took a small break but got back into it today and it felt great. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Hope you all are doing great.

Well, It’s Been a While

So I’m here again, I guess it’s good for me to try and put things down.

So my girlfriend and I broke up in early July, two years into the relationship. I’ve been pretty anti social since then. I still have this town home that I don’t want and have to pay for, I got a puppy who keeps me active throughout the last few months.

There has been a lot of frustration, anger and depression. I took a week off from work which helped greatly with these feelings. I’ve been on three dates this past week, though none have actually been amazing, or had that spark, but I think that’s completely fine.

I started Insanity Asylum Volume 2 last month and I feel phenomenal. With the diet I’ve kept myself too, at least for the majority of it, I’ve gotten amazing results. I have abs now! But, It’s onto another month of Vol. 2 of the Asylum, and I can’t wait to see what it will bring to me. I still deal with depression and sadness over the breakup, it sucks not having someone there you spent two years with all of a sudden, but as long as I keep moving forward, time will help with this.

I hope everyone has been well.


Alright so I’ve noticed lately I have been really weak, somewhat tired. My body doesn’t really have the energy like it did when I started. I guess following a diet and constantly doing Insanity does take its toll. I’m in the last week of Max 30 so I am going to push through, its just a bummer that I feel this weak this time through. I may not be getting enough calories, considering I eat mostly twice a day, and one is cereal and a strawberry smoothie.

I hope everyone keeps up the hard work and effort they put into exercise!

Been a while

So it has been a few weeks since I last posted. A little update, moved into a new place and it is alright, not what I expected it to be but its fine. Still working out with Insanity Max 30 while also going to the gym when I can to run 1-2 miles. I think I am getting sick, have some sore throat thing and my body feels physically tired so it makes the workouts much harder than they were. Hopefully I get over it soon.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Hello Everyone

Got home from the mini vacation last night. Visited Niagara falls which was amazing. My first time. We spent about 4 hours walking/hiking around the falls and the park. Only visited the American side since I don’t have a passport. It was a little cold because of the wind on Tuesday, but it was still great. We stayed the day at the Seneca which was nice, didn’t gamble though. Nor did I eat healthy. But im fine with that.

On Wednesday we went shopping at an outlet mall pretty close to Niagara. I picked up some Reebok shoes for cross training which are pretty nice. Spent a few hours there then we left and got to one of the girlfriends mentors house which we stayed at for two days. They were really nice and it was great staying with them. There cat is pretty cool too. The girlfriend and I toured around the town she grew up in which is Penfield. We went to a Wegmans which was a first for me (It’s pretty big), ate at Marks Pizza which was delicious, stopped at a starbucks a couple times.

On Thursday we went to the Lilac Festival in Rochester with her mother. We spent a long time there. We saw all the venders, and walked the park with all the lilac trees and flowers. It was a nice experience there and I’m glad we went even though I got a sunburn. Once we left there we went to another mall nearby and spent the rest of the day. It was a really great mall. I got some pistachio frappachino thing that one of the coffee shops was selling and it was amazing! Girlfriend got an Iphone and we headed off to her aunts house.

I met her aunt which was like the aunt in your typical asian’y film. Very talkative and outgoing. Spent about two hours there and we hit up Sal’s Birdland for some quick dinner. It was pretty good but not quiet enough food for me.

On Friday I met another mentor of hers which is a radio dj in rochester. It was great meeting him and eating luch with him at Tom Wahls, which again was great and unhealthy. We soon left and headed back to Ohio which is where we are now.

Hopefully I can get back into the workout swing in the next day or so, though we are moving next Saturday. We shall see how that goes.